Pleonasms & Redundant Phrases

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A.M. in the morning
absolutely essential
absolutely necessary
actual facts
add an additional
add up
added bonus
advance forward
advance planning

advance preview
advance reservations
advance warning
affirmative yes
aid and abet
all-time record
alternative choice
and etc.
annual anniversary

anonymous stranger
armed gunman
artificial prosthesis
ascend up
ask the question
assemble together
ATM machine
attach together
autobiography of his or her own life

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balsa wood
basic fundamentals
basic necessities
best ever
biography of his–or her–life
blend together
boat marina

bouquet of flowers
brief in duration
brief moment
brief summary
burning embers

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cacophony of sound
cameo appearance

cancel out
careful scrutiny
cash money
cease and desist
circle around
circulate around
classify into groups
close proximity
closed fist

collaborate together
combine together
commute back and forth
compete with each other
completely annihilate
completely destroyed
completely eliminate
completely engulfed
completely filled

completely surround
component parts
confer together
confused state
connect together
connect up
consensus of opinion
constantly maintained
cooperate together

could possibly
crisis situation
curative process
current incumbent
current trend

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depreciate in value
descend down

desirable benefits
different kinds
disappear from sight
drop down
during the course of
dwindle down

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each and every

earlier in time
eliminate altogether
emergency situation
empty hole
empty out
empty space
enclosed herein
end result
enter in

entirely eliminate
equal to one another
eradicate completely
estimated at about
evolve over time
exact same
exposed opening
extradite back

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face mask
fall down
favorable approval
fellow classmates
fellow colleague
few in number
filled to capacity
final conclusion
final end

final outcome
final ultimatum
first and foremost
first conceived
first of all
fly through the air
follow after
foreign imports
former graduate

former veteran
free gift
from whence
frozen ice
frozen tundra
full satisfaction
full to capacity
fuse together
future plans

future recurrence

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gather together
general public
GOP party
GRE exam
green [or blue or whatever] in color
grow in size

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had done previously
harmful injuries
head honcho
heat up
HIV virus
hoist up
hollow tube
hurry up

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illustrated drawing
incredible to believe
indicted on a charge
input into
integrate together
integrate with each other
interdependent on each other
introduced a new

introduced for the first time
ISBN number

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join together
joint collaboration

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kneel down
knowledgeable experts

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lag behind
later time
LCD display
lift up
little baby
live studio audience
live witness
local residents

look ahead to the future
look back in retrospect

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made out of
major breakthrough
major feat
manually by hand
may possibly
meet together

meet with each other
mental telepathy
merge together
might possibly
minestrone soup
mix together
modern ______ of today
mutual cooperation
mutual respect for each other

mutually interdependent
number-one leader in ________

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nape of her neck
native habitat
natural instinct
never before
new beginning
new construction

new innovation
new invention
new recruit
none at all
nostalgia for the past
now pending

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off of
old adage

old cliche
old custom
old proverb
open trench
open up
oral conversation
originally created
output out of
outside in the yard

outside of
over exaggerate
over with
overused cliche

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pair of twins
palm of the hand
passing fad
past experience

past history
past memories
past records
penetrate into
period of time
personal friend
personal opinion
pick and choose
PIN number

pizza pie
plan ahead
plan in advance
Please RSVP
plunge down
polar opposites
positive identification
postpone until later
pouring down rain

preboard as an airplane
present incumbent
present time
previously listed above
private industry
proceed ahead
proposed plan

protest against
pursue after

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raise up
RAM memory
reason is because
reason why
recur again
re-elect for another term

refer back
reflect back
regular routine
repeat again
reply back
retreat back
revert back
rise up
round in shape

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safe haven
safe sanctuary
same exact
sand dune
scrutinize in detail
self-______ yourself
separated apart from each other
serious danger

share together
sharp point
shiny in appearance
shut down
single unit
skipped over
slow speed
small size
small speck

soft in texture [or to the touch]
sole of the foot
spell out in detail
spliced together
start off or out
still persists
still remains
sudden impulse
sum total

surrounded on all sides

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tall in height
tall in stature
temper tantrum
ten in number
three a.m. in the morning
three-way love triangle
time period

tiny bit
total destruction
true facts
truly sincere
tuna fish
twelve noon or midnight
two equal halves

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ultimate goal

undergraduate student
underground subway
unexpected emergency
unexpected surprise
unintentional mistake
universal panacea
unnamed anonymous
UPC code
usual custom

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vacillate back and forth
veiled ambush
very pregnant
very unique
visible to the eye

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wall mural
warn in advance

weather conditions
weather situation
whether or not
white snow
write down

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